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Topshelf The Brand was created on Aug 20 2018. For years I wanted to find something with meaning and a solid brand that I felt like would be able to have some type of importance to people as a whole.  Topshelf is a collective of Art & Fashion promoting awareness and enlightenment through clothing. Promoting positive energy is a key element in our business.  We use that to help satisfy our customer's needs. With every step I welcome you to become a part of a brand that will be monumental.  With the support of you and others, we can make this brand global.  Thank you for shopping and Welcome To The Top.

why topshelf?


A grassroots movement birthed in a community of dreamers hungry to get to the top


The drive for the founder of Topshelf came from a passion to make an impact and provide for his family

dreams & vision

The Topshelf brand is a multifaceted company with plans to infiltrate many industries.

what customers say?

hear from happy customers that believe in taking it to the top


"Very affordable, super comfortable, very cute too"


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